Sunday, September 26, 2010

Control of definitions = control of narrative.

And we see that on full display here, as Beverly McPhail (McFAIL?) sets herself up quite well:

Definitions of feminism by noted feminists can separate the wheat from the chaff, and by extension, the feminists from the female conservatives.
Given McPhail's ideological bent, I'm sure all her "noted feminists" support taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, gun control and all the left's other pet projects. So of course female conservatives are going to be cast out of the feminist movement if you let those people define it. Never mind, of course, that somebody like Sarah Palin is a great example of what the feminist movement has accomplished in this country. A mother of five couldn't always have been elected to governor of Alaska (or ANY state, for that matter) and almost have been elected vice-president of the United States. But of course, you see, since she opposes abortion, she's apparently not a feminist. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that bitter harridans like Beverly McFAIL are still looking down their noses at women who don't share their ideological bent, but it doesn't speak well of the Houston Chronicle that they still give said creatures a platform to spew their vitriol.