Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh, I'd say the message is loud and clear.

The Washington Post's Michael Gerson, in today's San Antonio Express-News:

Even Democrats who agree with President Obama's ideology, respect his tenacity and admire his deliberative manner have begun to whisper: Maybe he isn't a very good politician. Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who is genetically incapable of whispering, puts it bluntly: “Ironically, the best communicator I ever saw in a campaign has turned out to be not so good at getting out the message as president.”
Not so good? On the contrary, the message seems to be loud and clear: "Government knows best, you ignorant rubes, specifically Big Government! Run by Democrats with nothing more than a token minority who's supposed to go along to get along!" What Michael Gerson is describing is Barack Obama's petty narcissist coming out because the message isn't being received as well as he'd like it to be. And surely that was not a surprise to Gerson. Surely he's been paying more attention than that. (Surely, for example, he remembers this.) If he hasn't...well, I guess I shouldn't expect better from the Washington Post, especially considering some of the other columnists that rag has in its editorial stable.