Wednesday, October 22, 2008

With a gun or three...

Nicki Fellenzer, as she launches a righteous beatdown on Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington:

How would you like to meet this heinous, creepy bitch in a dark alley?

How would I like to do that? With a gun. Maybe two or three. And maybe some friends with guns too. Yeah, I think people like Laura Washington are dangerous as hell. It's quite telling that she launches her racism-saturated righteous indignation at those of us who would like to retain some semblance of freedom, yet she says absolutely nothing to the people who are actually slaughtering each other in Chicago's ghettos. One of the chapters in Larry Elder's The Ten Things You Can't Say In America was titled "Blacks Are More Racist Than Whites." No doubt he caught a firestorm of criticism for that assertion from blacks — and guilt-ridden white liberals — but the thing is those who would claim to speak for the black community back Mr. Elder up on it on what seems like a daily basis. Probably even more so now that Barack Obama has gotten as far as he has. And so it goes with Laura Washington. Substitute "white" for "black" and her screeds would sound an awful lot like they came from someone associated with Stormfront or the KKK. This is exactly the reason the Founding Fathers created a republic as opposed to a pure democracy — to protect us from the likes of people like Laura Washington. And thank God they did.