Thursday, October 23, 2008

So they should have just sat there and taken it?

Via Armed and Safe, Josh Horwitz of the Coalition To Enable Holocausts is at it again, in the Huffington Post:

...the majority opinion (in Heller v. D.C --ed.) drafted by Justice Scalia goes far beyond simply asserting an individual right to own a firearm in the home for self defense against common criminals. Incredibly, he also endorsed an individual right to commit acts of violence against a "tyrannical" federal government which, if history is any lesson, most Americans would find appalling.

This may well be true — that is, that most Americans would find something like armed resistance "appalling." I would hope, though, that the moral fiber of the American people is stronger than that. I would hope that most Americans still believe that we as human beings have a moral obligation to fight evil, with hot lead if it comes to that. I would hope that the only reason Americans would find resistance to jack-booted thuggery "appalling" is that they either don't remember or were never really taught about the great genocides of the 20th century and how they were brought about. I think it's rather ironic that he talks about history being a guide when the fact is that any sentient being with a working moral compass with good knowledge of the history as written about the 20th century would figure out what happens when good people are disarmed by their government — and therefore would NOT find the idea of armed resistance so "appalling." And you'd think that as an attorney, he'd know better than to resort to the argumentum ad populum fallacy. But I guess you use whatever you have, especially if it's the only thing you have left — and if it takes advantage of the ignorance of the people, so much the better.
In any event, it's plain to see Horwitz finds the idea appalling himself. I guess he thinks the Jews and other "undesirables" living under Hitler's Third Reich should have just sat there and taken what Hitler and his thugs gave them. Pretty ironic, since (if I remember correctly) he's a Jew himself. Would that there were a time machine to put him in and send him back to that time and place. Let the jack-booted thugs come to his door and find out what happens when one doesn't or can't fight back against evil. Sounds to me like he would have had it coming.