Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Sunday morning randomness

Via Vanderleun...
Quote of the WEEK, from Jim Treacher, on the Ohio and national media:

They've all gone after a guy who fixes pipes to distract us from the guy who used them to blow stuff up.

Brilliant observation, and oh-so-true! But if their influence has waned as much as some think it has with the advent of alternative media like blogs and YouTube, maybe enough people will think of Obama, "this guy's unfit for Podunk City Dogcatcher, never mind Leader of the Free World." I bet you that'll be another of the great untold stories of 2008, how the bloggers did the job the mainstream media failed to do. We'll see soon enough.

Next up, they say "Don't Mess With Texas," but you could just as well say "Don't Mess With Oklahoma"...
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Recalling a run-in 25 years ago with a group accused of voter registration irregularities, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe says protesters scattered when he warned them to leave his home in one minute or "I'll kill all of you."

Can I get a, oh, HELL YEAH! Second Amendment in action, friends and neighbors!

And finally this morning, What if Sarah Palin had been a Democrat?
ANCHORAGE — Fresh from her jaunty, popular appearance on Saturday Night Live, the mom from the American Outback, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, continues to inject new life into the country's mainstream as Sen. Barack Obama's vice presidential running mate.
"When I said I wanted a reformer, I meant it," said Obama, who threw caution to the wind with his selection of Palin. The Obama campaign was impressed with the former PTA mom who took on Big Oil and dethroned the old boys' club that ran Alaska politics for more than a generation. "As The New York Times and Washington Post have frequently pointed out, Gov. Palin is the only candidate on either ticket with executive experience," Obama said. "And more importantly, she has experience fighting the powerful on behalf of the people — and winning."

Ouch! Painful but oh-so-true. As it is, Sarahcuda's prety much reduced Obama to making juvenile cracks about pigs and fish...