Thursday, October 02, 2008

Triggering a laugh

Phelps, in comments over at SayUncle, on the Glock trigger:

Get it worked on. Hell, does anyone EVER go with a stock 1911 trigger? I’m not sure you can even fire one with a stock trigger, since I’ve never actually seen one used.

*snerk* Gunnie humor, ain't it great? Lol, seriously, that was a good I the only one who's satisfied with a stock 1911 trigger? I like them all, although I will admit the triggers on my Kimbers are pretty sweet...but then, even a bone-stock 1911 like the Springfield GI feels better than the Glock's water-gun trigger. Granted, maybe if I hadn't spoiled myself with 1911s before I picked up a Glock it wouldn't be so bad, but then if frogs had wings...