Saturday, January 12, 2008 what was that about staying out of the primaries?


Government files amicus -- on DC's side!

Quick read: Gov't says, yes, it's an individual right. BUT we join with DC in asking Court to reverse the DC Circuit, because it applied strict scrutiny to the DC law. It should only have applied an intermediate standard. That is, the legal position of the US is that DC CIrcuit was wrong, a complete ban on handguns is NOT per se unconstitutional, it all depends on how good a reason DC can prove for it.
Interesting. And this is from an administration that most if not all of us probably thought was much more friendly to liberty than the likes of, say, Rudolph Giuliani.
But remember, guys, it's not a good idea for the NRA to get involved in primary politics because we might end up alienating someone who would basically tell us to go to hell anyway! I would call what I am feeling right now schadenfreude, but considering it's my own misfortune, it's just a general feeling of pissed-offedness.
And with that, I am off to Little Rock...y'all be good. ;-)