Monday, January 21, 2008

Another great moment from the '80s...and they just keep

here: "...he gets off on country music, 'cause disco left him cold...and he's got young friends into New Wave, but he's just too friggin' old...and he dreams at night of Woodstock, and the day John Lennon died, how the music made him happy, and the silence made him cry...yeah, he thinks of John a lot now, and he has to wonder why..."

For the uninitiated, that's "Old Hippie," the Bellamy Brothers No. 1 record from 1985. I liked the Bellamys, but nothing else they did quite measured up to the greatness of that record. I was a young'un back then, but I think it'd have been interesting to see how many people could relate to that song when it was out. 4 minutes and 3 seconds of relevant social observation that was not preachy or cliched. That's a rarity in popular music, to be treasured when it does come down the pike. I am glad to see this song still gets played these days.

And another, from the year before! 10:27 am: "Pardon me, you left your tears ooooon the jukebox...."

And another great one, but this one was from 1975, 10:30 am: "Always wanting you, but never having you, makes it hard to face tomorrow, 'cause I know I'll wake up wanting you again..." I have that one on my iPod, along with 99 other Haggard gems, some well-known and some not-so-well-known. Those 100 songs can be found on the Capitol-issued Down Every Road four-disc box set from 1996. If you're a Haggard fan it's something I cannot recommend highly enough. The folks at Capitol even managed to get most of his MCA and Epic hits on there, although I did miss "Yesterday's Wine," "Cherokee Maiden" and the live version of "Okie From Muskogee."I think the last two were from Capitol, but overall those are just minor omissions.