Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A damned good question, indeed...

from Michael Bane, to all the Fred Thompson-bashers...

What would you have me do?

Support Romney? He's in favor of a new assault weapons ban. McCain? Close the gun show loophole and gut the First Amendment. Huckabee? Sorry boys and girls, I was raised a fundamentalist Baptist...I can't say I would look forward to an evangelical as President...especially one who believes in spending spending spending. I am a libertarian at heart...more government is by definition bad. Defend the borders; kill the terrorists and stay the hell out of my life!

Do I think Thompson's doing great? No. But I do believe he's the only man standing up. Romney and McCain want the Presidency so bad they would eviserate their grandmothers in the town square if they thought it would get them elected...they positively stink of ambition out of control...and that makes them exactly the kind of people I don't want running my country.

What would you have me do?
It's a legitimate question, and one that needs to be asked much louder and more often too, especially considering that it's still relatively early in the game. And the points he makes about Romney and McCain can't be denied by anyone who doesn't drink the GOP kool-aid. Never mind that New York fascist. If it's anyone but Fred Thompson or Ron Paul who gets the nomination, I am seriously considering writing in one of them for president and the other for VP. It's a critical time for the country indeed, but I would argue that's all the more reason the Republican wing of the Republican Party -- if you'll pardon the phrase -- needs to stand up and be heard, like, yesterday. It's only going to get worse if one of the others gets the nomination, especially Romney or Giuliani, because it sends the message to the national party leaders that they can get away with nominating candidates who disavow key conservative principles. No doubt the party leaders are asking themselves, "where else are those base voters gonna go?" Well, maybe if enough of us bit the bullet and showed them, maybe they'd pull their collective heads out of their fourth points of contact and start paying attention to the base again.
And in the wake of last night's primaries, I think once again of the NRA and what they keep saying -- and, just as importantly, NOT saying -- about certain presidential candidates. Mark Chesnut, from the January issue of America's First Freedom:
"Gun-ban politicians -- including many of the 2008 Democratic presidential candidates -- never blink an eye at 'common-sense' proposals like registration and licensing."
Yes, of course, pay no attention to the men behind the Republican curtain, yet again, no matter how bad for liberty any of them might be. Which is really starting to grind my gears that much harder. I like to think that NRA members are doing their own research and know well certain GOP candidates' abysmal stands and records vis-a-vis the Second Amendment, but I still don't think it helps the cause one little bit that the organization isn't calling attention to the various Republican candidates' stands as they do the Democrats. I am sorely tempted to write a letter to the NRA, but I must admit right now I am just a mite too ticked to say anything civil...