Thursday, January 17, 2008

I get referrals, and ideas, too...

...from Gladewater, up in the East Texas Piney Woods, "Dan Wesson shooters club."
I don't know of anything like that that exists outside of cyberspace, but it is a pretty neat idea, for shooters of a particular type of gun to get together and talk about their guns. Personally, I think it'd be great to get together with, for example, other Dan Wesson Razorback owners and talk about what kinds of loads they drive through them, mods for them and general shop talk like that.
And here's another interesting idea. I don't think it's so original either, but then neither was the last one. I think it'd be neat to get a bunch of shooters together and have maybe an IDPA-type shoot-off -- with the same gun in the same scenario. Using the above example, you could give five shooters five Dan Wesson Razorbacks (or insert your gun of choice here) as close to exactly alike as you could get them, and may the best shooter win. Sort of like IROC for gunnies. Thoughts?