Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another good one, from a local boy...

here: Mark Chesnutt, "I Just Wanted You To Know," a No. 1 hit from 1994. That's always been one of my two favorite Chesnutt tunes, along with his later remake of the John Anderson record "Down in Tennessee." I haven't heard either of those songs on the radio in ages, but the latter wasn't even a top-20 hit for him. It was still a great song, though...

Oh my God, I haven't heard this song in YEARS! 11:50 am:
"Hank, let's talk about your daddy, tell me how your mama loved that man."
"Well, just break out a bottle, hoss, I'll tell you 'bout the driftin' cowboy band."
"We won't talk about the habits, just the music and the man..."