Monday, January 05, 2009

Yeah, that's right, keep ignoring us...

you blithering fool...

Perhaps not surprisingly, Ron Paul activists have voted up the majority of questions con the site. Most of these questions deal not with the vital and necessary goal of getting more Republicans who supported Ron Paul involved in the process, but on policy questions like eliminating the Federal Reserve, Austrian economics, the Fair Tax and the 2nd Amendment that the RNC Chairman has absolutely no jurisdiction over.
Whether it's Ron Paul Republicans or movement conservatives or moderates, my message to all is one and the same: the RNC is not a policymaking body -- nor should it be. It cannot make Republicans in Congress spend less, worthy a goal as that might be. The RNC's job is to win elections -- period. That means the RNC is made up of good political people -- not policy wonks -- who with all due respect, you wouldn't want making policy.
All the candidates for RNC Chairman are good conservatives. RNC members should choose the one who will win elections. As I've written over the last few days, technology, strategy, and tactics are not the only things -- and success in these areas is inextricably linked to having a Republican message "we can believe in."

Excuse me, but this is pure, unadulterated horseshit. If the policy positions are so unimportant vis-a-vis the job of the RNC chair, why don't voters just go ahead and write in Bernie Sanders on the ballot and be done with it? No matter the extent of the policymaking the RNC does, if certain positions on certain issues aren't shared by who's in charge, then it's going to make it that much easier for the party to be infested by whining moderate sacks of mediocrity like John Warner, Mike DeWine, Arlen Specter and, yes, John McCain. And, sorry, but supporting or rationalizing any kind of gun ban (or predicating your support on gun rights on whatever extent a firearm might be useful for hunting) automatically disqualifies you from the title of "good conservative." For crying out loud, you dumbasses, you see what catering to the mushy middle got us on November 4th! Don't you fools ever learn?
(h/t David Codrea)