Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Water is wet, fire burns, and Clay Robison is just as clueless as ever...

...yes he is:

Texas legislators can't help themselves. Even before their upcoming session hits its stride, they will do something to get national attention, the kind that makes TV hosts snicker and roll their eyes.
A surefire attention-getter this session will be an anticipated bill to let Texans openly pack pistols on their hips, in their belts or elsewhere in public view as they go about their business.

Yes, indeed, because that's the biggest, most important aspect of this and any other issue before the Texas Legislature — what the late-night TV comedians think. Even though they're going to make fun of our state and our neighbors anyway, even though they traffic in the same tired old stereotypes that would get them thrown out on their asses if they were doing it to *insert race here*, yes indeed, these assclowns' opinions matter, damn it! Can't the rest of you ignorant hicks see that?
Seriously though, considering that Clay Robison is the Austin bureau chief for the Houston Chronicle, it pretty much shows that the Chron doesn't care about even trying to put up a front of objectivity anymore. I am still trying to figure out if that's a credit to them or a detriment...