Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a new age of what, again?

So I've seen here and there that folks are saying that The Ascension will usher in a new Age Of Reason or some such blather. Reading stories that mention the results of certain polls, I have to wonder what planet these people are living on. I can't find the story right offhand, but I was reading this morning that almost half of the country believes Barack Obama is going to fix the economy himself. Just the guy that signs the bills passed by Congress. Amazing. And then not quite as many believe Congress will fix it. Chew on that. More people believe Obama will fix the economy than believe Congress will fix it, even though it's Congress who ultimately decides what gets to the President's desk. This is a Congress, by the way, that comprises a good number of people who haven't held real, private-sector jobs, haven't been doing that 8-to-5 grind the rest of us do, in God only knows how long. I found it a bit amusing that Senator John Kerry claimed that Barack Obama's plans for the economy would create "real jobs" or something to that effect. I read that and thought, "you elitist prick, how in the bloody hell would you know what a real job is, considering you haven't held one since you left the military almost 40 years ago?"