Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If we're gonna get anywhere...

...we're going to have to start thinking out of the box ourselves and start going on the offensive. I'll admit I don't have nearly as big of a problem with the pragmatists as some of the three-percenters do, but questions like this just really piss me off:
" you really want NRA to come out and say that they support gun rights for felons? I doubt even most NRA members would be happy with that."
Um, NO. I'd like to see the NRA asking legislators why these felons are not still in jail if they're so dangerous they allegedly can't be trusted with guns — and maybe not just accept the bullshit answers they're given. To the extent I have a problem with the pragmatists at all it wouldn't be nearly as bad if they didn't do such a half-assed job sometimes of using that political process they claim is going to be our salvation. And I wouldn't be surprised if that was a big part of the problem the three-percenters had with the pragmatists, i.e., they're asking the wrong damn questions. Of course, this goes for a lot of us. No doubt a lot of people don't want to see drugs legalized, for example, and they'd probably advocate for increased manpower on the border to clamp down on the drugs (and we all know what a fat lot of good that does), as opposed to asking if legalization would be nearly as bad as a lot of people think it might be. Back to the gun part of this, I don't know that the NRA or its members would be well-served right now by the NRA asking if the legalization of currently illegal drugs would help tamp down the violence in America's inner cities and northern Mexico, but to the extent Mexico ramps up their whining in the future about lax U.S. gun laws fueling the violence in Mexico, I think in the future that could very well be a more viable strategy than it is now. That would be much more proactive than a lot of the "solutions" being bandied about right now, which, come to think of it, on the federal level are more or less along the same lines as the "solutions" proposed for the War On Some Drugs, i.e., "Do it again, only HARDER!" But I'm betting, again, that on pretty much all fronts we're all just going to be getting more of the same, along with a heaping helping of "you'll take it and like it because it's what we think is best and what we say matters the most."