Sunday, January 04, 2009

Whining Warner

...or, What's that high-pitched noise coming from the east?
Oh, that's just soon-to-be-retired RINO Senator John Warner from Virginia:

Warner said he hardly recognizes the Republican Party now. He said it seems to have little appeal to or tolerance for moderates like himself, Holton and others who made the GOP competitive in Virginia in recent years.
"I suddenly realized I had so little in common with the party that I once was proud to be among those who built it up," Warner said.

Huh. This seems to be a familiar refrain, but just for grins, let's take a gander at the one issue this blog mainly concerns itself with.
John Warner. Rated D by the NRA, F by the GOA. Supported both the Brady Bill and the Clinton semi-auto rifle ban. Supported a ten-year extension of that ban (which, by the way, was of course re-introduced by other "moderates" in the GOP back in June). From what I gather he also supported HR 1022, the much more onerous ban championed by New York Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, she of "that shoulder thing that goes up" fame. Supported the amendment to what eventually became the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (S. 1805) that would have commissioned a study to determine whether certain hunting ammunition should be banned for its armor-piercing capabilities. (Somebody enlighten me here, isn't it a no-brainer that pretty much all rifle ammo will zip right through most body armor?) Supported extending background checks to all gun sales. Oh, and it should be noted he's a Marine veteran of two wars, which makes him that much more of a disgrace. Thanks for your service, John, but that notwithstanding you can go screw. You got us that much closer to that bipartisan mandate for disarmament, and honestly for that alone I tend to think you're deserving of the ignominious title of "ex-Marine."