Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Why don't we address the problem EFFECTIVELY, Barry?

...instead of just talking around it?

The Mexican State is engaged in an increasingly violent, internal struggle against heavily armed narco-criminal cartels that have intimidated the public, corrupted much of law enforcement, and created an environment of impunity to the law.

Now of course this much is true, but as you'll see if you read through that entire report, there's nary a word about taking the profit out of those drugs by pulling the rug out from under the black market, just the old proposals of pouring yet more money down the black hole of fighting the traffickers themselves, and of course a heaping helping of anti-gun PSH:
Mexican law enforcement authorities and soldiers face heavily armed drug gangs with high-powered military automatic weapons. Perhaps 90% of these weapons are smuggled across the US border. They are frequently purchased from licensed US gun dealers in Texas, Arizona, and California. AK-47 assault rifles are literally bought a hundred at a time and illegally brought into Mexico. Mexican authorities routinely seize BOXES of unopened automatic military weapons. The confiscation rates by Mexican law enforcement of hand grenades, RPG’s, and AK-47’s are at the level of wartime battlefield seizures. It is hard to understand the seeming indifference and incompetence of US authorities at state and Federal level to such callous disregard for a national security threat to a neighboring democratic state. We would consider it an act of warfare from a sanctuary state if we were the victim.

Now, I don't know what gun stores these people have been going to, but I've been to shops both here in the Golden Triangle and Houston too and I have yet to see a single fully automatic firearm, or hand- or rocket-propelled grenade for that matter, on the shelves of said stores. Firehand tears up this nonsense quite well and I really don't have much to say beyond his commentary, but what I said there applies here as well. Of COURSE Barry McCaffrey's full of shit. He was a damn drug czar in the Clinton Administration and such is practically a job requirement for that post.