Friday, January 02, 2009

Come back when you have a better record...

From this morning's Chron:

Chief Justice John Roberts said Wednesday that Congress should be as generous to judges as it already has been to itself, by approving an inflation-related increase in their pay.

Shhhyeah, ok. I really don't know about that one, John-boy.
Seriously, though, there are more than a few who would say that given the "quality" of "service" from Congress, that raise they voted themselves wasn't really justified. Far be it from me to start spouting lefty populist bullshit, but even so I don't know how anyone could say members of Congress or the judiciary are that underpaid, considering how un-seriously they take their constitutionally mandated duties. And back to the justification for a pay increase or lack thereof, one could very well say the same of the Supreme Court. It seems that for every Heller v. D.C. (which itself has a few flaws waiting to be exploited), we get a Kelo v. New London. I know that many states later moved to limit the potential damage of Kelo, but I can't help but think that's beside the point because that opportunity doesn't always present itself. Like the title says, I think maybe the justices should come back when they have a better record of upholding the principles established in the Constitution and by the Founders in their other writings. If it takes 50 years then it takes 50 years.