Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Speaking of Hag covers...(UPDATED)

I don't know what prompted me to go looking for it again, but I remember a while back I was raising hell in this space about a GREAT cover of Merle Haggard's "The Running Kind" because I heard it on the radio but the deejays didn't say who it was. Someone mentioned Radney Foster, and while his cover of the song is really good that wasn't the one I heard. Well, I went looking on iTunes this morning, and I do believe I might have found it. Apparently an Austin-based Dallas-based artist named Darren Kozelsky recorded it on his album titled Let Your Mind Fly. If you go to his website, click on "Music" and then "Launch the Jukebox" you can hear it and all the other songs on the album. What I've heard of the rest of it is pretty good as well. I might have to pony up for this one.
UPDATE: As you'll see I got a very nice comment from Todd Purifoy, who is Mr. Kozelsky's manager. I am not surprised he's out of Dallas, as it was a Dallas station (95.9 the Ranch) that I heard the song on. And it's a small world indeed, as I am in Orange every day. I'll be checking out his record soon. Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Purifoy, and give my warm regards and best wishes to Mr. Kozelsky.