Sunday, March 01, 2009

Who are the REAL goose-steppers here?

Over at Kevin's place last night, in response to this post, there was a real coffee-spewer of a comment from some character who calls himself Markadelphia:

it's clear to anyone--that is anyone not blinded by rigid belief--that the future goose steppers of the world are the base of the Republican Party.

O RLY? For some strange reason, I don't think the folks featured in these two videos will be warming to the Republican smaller-government ideals when they're old enough to vote. And as I said over there, one would think if the lefties were so damn scared they'd have melted the phone lines to Washington telling the Democrats to lay off on the talk about infringing any more on the Second Amendment. And of course this character came back and said,"We have much bigger things to worry about than taking away guns," ever-so-conveniently ignoring the fact that there's a hell of a lot more to infringement than just flat-out disarmament. Speaking of the Constitution, and the future goose-steppers, it's also worth looking at who's wanting to change the Constitution to in effect allow Obama to serve as long as he can hoodwink the voters. I mean, I know many of us love Sarah Palin, but the facts are these: You didn't see the type of hero-worship for her that we do for Obama. And we all love her because she wants to do the opposite of what Obama and his type want to do — that is, get the government the hell out of the way, or at least get us closer to that ideal. I think that's what Sherlock Holmes would have called a clue that it's not those of us on the right who pose the danger of leading America to totalitarianism. But maybe that's just me.