Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey, big surprise, anti tries to have it both ways.... comments here:

I'd bet if you spoke to some of those FFL guys down near the border, they'd tell you business is damn good, with a wink and a nudge. What do you think?
It seems to me that you do as much spinning as you accuse the Bradys of. No one really knows what percentage of the guns are fully automatic in the Mexican war, just like no one really knows what percentage of the other guns comes from the States. Helmke says too many; I agree.
Now, I could say say something about that outrageous slander of the FFLs. Anyone who knows anything about the way they do things knows they'd bring that wink-and-nudge arms-sales-to-cartels bullshit to the attention of the feds right quick, and that they'd help clamp down on it even if there weren't all those laws against on the books because it would just seem to be the right thing to do. But that's no surprise, as they pull that shit all the time. Here's what needs to be pointed out: the fact that the above snippets, in effect, completely contradict each other. On one hand the commenter is blaming the FFLs for arming the cartels, but on the other hand he says that "no one knows how many of those are machine guns."
Epic FAIL, Sparky! If there were evidence to support that the FFLs were arming the drug cartels, there would be accompanying stats on how many of those weapons were fully automatic. You can't blame the FFLs for this and say on the other hand no one knows how much of that weaponry's fully automatic. You can't have evidence for one without evidence of the other. Nice try, but we know our stuff. Better than you and your kind do. Once again, the facts are on OUR side...