Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quote of the day

From Bob S. in comments to yesterday's post, this pretty much stands on its own, no additional commentary from me needed...

Voters makes the rules? Is that why the Brady Campaign uses the courts so many times to try to get their way?
Incredible...the voters have overwhelmingly approved concealed carry in states but they try to get it overturned.
In Georgia, voters, via their legislators, approved concealed carry in the unsecured portions of the airports but the Brady Campaign praises the Mayor and Airport managers who directly defy democratically elected officials.
"Americans who have lost loved ones to gun violence are tired of the guys with the guns making the rules."
Yep, we are really making the rules. That is why I'm carrying my fully automatic Thompson Machine Gun into the Court House this afternoon to get my car tags....oh wait. Never mind. Guess we aren't making the rules after all.