Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just something I'd like to point out here

The only reason we're seeing this....

So far, Heller is firing blanks.
The courts have upheld federal laws banning gun ownership by people convicted of felonies and some misdemeanors, by illegal immigrants and by drug addicts. They have upheld laws banning machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. They have upheld laws making it illegal to carry guns near schools or in post offices. And they have upheld laws concerning concealed and unregistered weapons.
...is that "the courts" are by and large ignoring the bulk of the Heller decision and the Second Amendment itself. Which isn't really all that surprising, but it is quite disturbing. No doubt they're citing "evolving societal standards" or some such bullshit, but it leads one to wonder what else the courts will deem worthy of a revised look in light of those "evolving societal standards." And of course they'll get away with it, because the American people today by and large "believe we can vote away rights rather than adhere to the Constitution as our Republic requires." (thanks for that, Mike W.) No doubt a showdown will eventually come over that "dangerous and unusual weapons" clause. I shudder to think how that'll fare vs. the "in common use" test. Somehow I think Lady Liberty's gonna take another bullet when that day comes. I do hope I am wrong, but I fear I am not. One wonders when the day will come that we finally believe that we don't have any recourse through the courts anymore. It seems that day after day we get closer.
Ooooh, Tanya Tucker, at the Roadhouse, Sirius Ch. 62: "Of all the people in the world to be standing at my door, telling me she left me, you know the one I left you for...I sat down and thought it over now I've come to this conclusion, don't believe my heart can stand another you...don't believe my heart can stand another you, I need someone who'll be gentle, kind and true..."