Thursday, March 05, 2009

Heyyy, more race-hustling... the letters to the editor of today's Houston Chronicle!

Michael Steele needs to step up or step down. I am an African-American Democrat. If I were contemplating switching to the Republican Party because of the recent rise of Steele as its chairman, the period of contemplation would have ended with a “Thanks, but no thanks” in light of Steele’s caving in to Rush Limbaugh.
The scenario reminds me of the days when I had to look for a sign that permitted me to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom. America has come too far to regress to that.
Basil A. Foley Sr., retired pastor, A.M.E. Church, Houston

What a load of unmitigated horseshit. If Michael Steele caved to anyone, it was to the bigoted race-baiting assholes on the left like Basil Foley here. I mean, really, here we had Steele actually agreeing that last year's Republican National Convention looked like Nazi Germany. I'd love to see some enterprising journalist — or hell, even Rush Limbaugh himself — ask Steele how agreeing with something like that makes him any different than, say, Steve Gilliard. And of course, ole Basil here conveniently FAILS to mention the fact that it was the Democrats who were putting up those signs he laments. As far as regressing to the bad old days, what do you want to bet Basil also supports the Jim Crow laws for gun owners — put forth, again, by a former Black Panther — mentioned recently here in this space?