Friday, November 12, 2010

Yay for no-knock warrants!

'Cause drugs 'r' bad, hmmkay?

Four San Antonio SWAT officers executing a narcotics search warrant at an East Side home were wounded in a hail of assault rifle fire Thursday afternoon.
Yes, I know the SAPD spokesman said the officers were wearing vests labeled POLICE, but the point still stands -- we are way the hell past the point at which we need to be asking ourselves when the cure is worse than the disease. It'd be interesting to see if the officers that broke down Kathryn Johnston's door were wearing vests, too.

And what do you want the bet those cretins at The Organization Formerly Known as Handgun Control are going to be using this incident to push for another "assault weapons" ban or a ban on pretty much any ammunition that could penetrate police vests?

I do wish the officers a speedy recovery, though. It's really not their fault they're being put in bad situations like this.