Monday, November 08, 2010

Looks like there was at least a nugget of truth... what I was saying the other day. From this morning's Express-News:

(Democratic political consultant Leland) Beatty said there also is the phenomenon in which Hispanics assimilate into Anglo, blue-collar neighborhoods and the men in particular begin voting like their Anglo neighbors.

“Demographically,” he said, “we're talking about people who listen to the same radio stations, drive the same pickups and wear the same gimme caps.”
How interesting. People assimilate and they start voting like many Americans instead of like foreigners would vote. I would take that off the top of my head to mean that many of the naturalized Americans that came from Mexico would have supported someone like Francisco Canseco because of his support for Arizona's Senate Bill 1070. I could be wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me if Canseco did get quite a few votes from Mexican expats. There are only so many white voters in Alamo Heights...