Monday, November 08, 2010

Oh, my. Scott Stroud really said this?

Yes. Yes he did.

But for someone who pledges allegiance to the Constitution, he sure would rewrite the sucker. He'd prefer, for example, to have senators elected by state legislatures.
Erm...rewriting the Constitution would not be required to have senators elected by state legislatures. It would require nothing more than the repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment, the process for which is considerably different than the process required to "rewrite the sucker."

Also, "Tenth Amendment radical"? What would you think of someone who described a politician as a "First Amendment radical" or a "Fourth Amendment radical"? Or how about an "Eighth Amendment radical"? You'd probably think such people were authoritarian, sociopathic control freaks, wouldn't you?

And how nice to see his opinion that Southerners are so incontrovertibly racist that we would still think it peachy to own other human beings in 2010. What a jerk. I swear, folks like Stroud and Jan Jarboe Russell bring to mind the folks Brian Burns was singing about in "Welcome to Texas":

"You don't like our drivin', you don't like our roads. You make fun of the way we talk, make fun of our clothes. But you clog up our highways, been pourin' in for years; if you don't like the way we do it, what are you doin' here?"