Thursday, November 04, 2010

History lesson FAIL...

...not surprisingly, from the Houston Chronicle editorial board:

For their part, resurgent Republicans on Capitol Hill would be wise to ignore the model left for them by their '94 predecessors, who regrettably used their election triumph as a pretext to shut down the federal government. It cost them dearly.
Um, NO. They most certainly did NOT do that. It was the Democrats who shut down the government in 1995 because they didn't agree to reductions in Medicare increases. Payments were going to be increased, just by a lower amount than the Dems wanted. And they and the press were able to spin that as "those evil Republicans cutting Medicare to pay for tax cuts for the rich." It was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen since I've followed politics. And it's unconscionable that the editorial board of this state's biggest paper would say that Republicans used their victory that way when anyone who really knows what went on back then knows damn good and well that isn't the case.