Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Batting around a troll.

Yes, I know, but I just couldn't resist...especially since I am running low on blogfodder:

Those who can't .... blog angrily.
Those who can't do what? Sing? Apparently this is someone I know who has heard me sing and didn't like it but was too chickenshit to tell me that I wasn't that good of a singer. Of course most folks who have heard me sing have told me I sound really good, but there are going to be those few who don't agree, and that's all right with me.
Maybe you and this moron can start a band and get out there and show everyone what it is like to be perfect.
Hooo, straw man! I never said anything about anyone being perfect. I don't think any of my favorite singers or bands are perfect. Hell, even George Strait and Alan Jackson have disappointed me periodically. (Never together, though. I'd love to see them record a duet album.)
It really sucks that in "almost" every Sugarland song there is a positive message. Despite whatever Ego issues you might have with them, few bands are as generous with their fans
Non sequitur alert! I fail to see where the "positive messages" come into this discussion. It wasn't about messages. It was about shitty pop music being marketed as country. Big difference there.
Unlike your blog, read by few which spews hatred.
Lol. So just because I don't like your pet band I spew hatred, despite the fact that I rave about my favorite music here more than I rag on Nashville music. Shades of the Carrie Cult here...
Oh and Sugarland made you a metalhead? Really?
If you'd read the blog you'd have been able to figure the answer to that out for yourself.
Sugarland would support your listening to multiple genres.
Sure they would, considering they try their hand at so many of them but country...

Sorry, dude. Hate to break it to you, but just because I don't like your favorite band doesn't make me a moron, a perfectionist, narrow-minded, jealous, or any other characteristic you'd like to attribute to me. Just like your liking them doesn't make YOU a moron. Different strokes for different folks. But you certainly seem to come with an unhealthy amount of insecurity and self-righteousness. You don't see me typing things like "George Strait sucks" or "Iron Maiden is lame" and going off to troll the blogs that come up in the results, do you? No. No you don't. Have a nice day now.