Sunday, November 07, 2010

What's that, you say? WHO lost the independent voters?

The Democrats did, that's who:

Some key strategists believed that Obama voters, many of whom had scant history voting in Democratic primaries, would swallow their anxiety over deficit spending, bailouts and the president's sprawling health care reform, and vote Democratic anyway.


“We actually had a decent Democratic turnout, but we absolutely lost the independent voters,” said political consultant Christian Archer, one of the principals of Bexar County United Democrats, a privately run organization that sought to get Democrats to the polls.

“We were looking at '08 primary voters, and a lot of them just flat out left us,” Archer said.

How funny. How many times did the token "conservatives" say the Republicans in various places were going to drive off moderates with their "incendiary" and "divisive" "oogedy-boogedy right-wing" rhetoric? How many times did they effectively say the Republicans should tack to the center so as to avoid alienating the moderate voters?

And how about that first paragraph? "Yeah, our guys in charge did all this stuff that scared the snot out of a bunch of folks Dear Leader hoodwinked into voting for him with that hopey-changey bullshit, but we really thought they'd get out and vote for what was essentially more of the same. How could we have been so wrong?"