Monday, November 22, 2010

Just because of her age?

Such would seem to be the anti-gunners' answer to the question, "Why can't this woman and those like her own and carry a gun?"

At least four women are sexually assaulted in the greater Houston region every day — attacked in their homes and in their beds, in parking lots and on public streets, their assailants armed with pistols, knives, drugs and fast-flying fists.
And though most sexual assaults involve victims who either know or at least recognize their attacker, police estimate about 25 percent are simply random.
One such attack happened to a 19-year-old Houston woman snatched from her southwest Houston apartment complex two days before her high school graduation this year.
Of course, they don't say anything about people in that age group being licensed to drive. I wonder what they'd say if rape victims started running down their attackers with their cars. "Car registration and licensing NOW! Do it for teh rapists!"