Friday, January 29, 2010

Wow, did I really read this?

Somebody made this comment to Jonathan Gurwitz's column in the San Antonio Express-News:

Do not look for a solution from the Holy Bible or the "Founding Fathers" - all the USA needs is an overdue redistribution - simply nationalize all individual wealth over $ 20 million - and use it to pay the debt and current bills. There is no sane reason why some should own billions or hundreds of millions. On the global scene the USA simply has to switch from protecting the wealthy and instead support the "average person". Luckily the USA will not and cannot do it and that is why the USA sinks hanging on to wisdom from the Holy Bible and what some rich slave-owners pretended to obscure with elegant phrases.

Did this guy say what I think he said? Is he really proposing that government, in effect, go out and confiscate American citizens' money just because he thinks they have too much? One wonders what he thinks their reactions would be. Does he really think they'd just sit there and take it and, after it was taken, go out and make more just to have IT taken from them too? I think it's safe to say people who think like that are one of the main reasons the Founding Fathers put RKBA protections in the Constitution.