Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How exactly do they think...

...they're going to reconcile the two things mentioned here?

Obama will offer fresh details about how he wants to salvage an overhaul of health care, rein in the national debt and help businesses hire again. He will call for education reform and more money for schools, take responsibility for mistakes in his first year and follow up his speech with a dash to Florida to announce $8 billion in awards for high-speed rail.

Rein in the national debt, yet in the same paragraph they say he's going to demand more money for education. And how about that $8 billion for high-speed rail? I noticed that there was a mention of calling for a freeze on some domestic spending, which is all fine and good; but let's take a look at this. A freeze in some areas and an increase in others works out to still more spending overall. Combine that with the rhetoric about lowering the national debt, and what does that translate to? Looks to me like it's going to translate to yet more tax increases on teh eeeevil rich folks -- you know, the ones that provide the jobs the president says he wants to create. What kind of fantasy world do these people live in?