Friday, January 08, 2010

How far do they want to go... recognize certain historical figures?

Minority advocacy groups urged their members to attend a State Board of Education public hearing next week to appeal for more Hispanic and African-American historical figures in public school textbooks.
“We owe it to them to provide a complete picture of Texas, one in which they can be proud of the accomplishments of their ancestors. It's important to enhance their self-identity,” said Sylvia Garcia, an educator who attended a news conference organized by the League of United Latin American Citizens.

Hmm. I wonder if that complete picture would include all the Mexicans who fought on the side of the Texians in the struggle for Texas independence (many of whose names are borne by Texas cities and counties), such as Juan Seguin, Jose Antonio Navarro and Juan Jose Palacios. (I would also hazard a guess that, to cite another example, the San Antonio street that crosses Interstate 10 just south of Loop 1604 on the city's northwest side is named after Lorenzo DeZavala.) Does their vision include those historical figures? Or would they just rather leave ca. 1835-1850 out? Based on the mindset indicated by at least one certain event, I would guess the latter.