Thursday, January 28, 2010

Okay, now this is getting ridiculous.

From the letters to the editor in this morning's San Antonio Express-News:

Big money rules

By any fair legal definition, the decision by a gang of five right-wing judicial outlaws on our Supreme Court constitutes nothing less than an act of treason against the people. Corporations are not the people, and nothing in the Constitution fairly lends itself to any such interpretation. It was only an act of judicial and intellectual fraud by which any contrary holding could emerge.

The Supreme Court Five haven't just made law from the bench; they have fabricated the Constitution. And while other decisions may have nibbled around the edges of this patently dubious proposition, in one gulp this disreputable majority now presumes to swallow it whole hog.

Will there be no constraints on big money in this country? Are we reverting to a society ruled by the few, a de facto monarchy where Wall Street is king? Patrick Henry would have said, “Forbid it, almighty God.”

Robert Patton

Wow. Of all the lefty diatribes against the Citizens United v. FEC decision this is perhaps the most hysterical I've seen yet. Treason? Corporations are not the people? There they go again, claiming one particular collective is undeserving of Bill of Rights protections. Would that we could find out what Robert Patton thinks the Second Amemdment protects so I could mock him even more than I can with what he has given me to work with. But considering he labels the bloc that voted to uphold BoR protection for corporations as a "gang of...right-wing judicial outlaws," I would feel quite comfortable with betting that he comes down on the same side as do the people who mocked Heller -- that is, the wrong one.