Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Scott Brown...

...pretty much everything has written by now -- at least in the blogosphere -- but I will say this, about this little tidbit:

Wall Street watched the election closely. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 116 points, and analysts attributed the increase to hopes the election would make it harder for Obama to make his changes to health care.

What does it say about your pet project that Wall Street does better when it looks like the prospects of said pet project getting implemented will be going down? I'd take that as a sign that maybe it wasn't so good for the economy, but then I'm not a politician. I got a huge kick out of this as well:
Ignoring the lessons of the Massachusetts race will "lead to even further catastrophe" for their party, Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Indiana, told ABC News.

"There's going to be a tendency on the part of our people to be in denial about all this," the centrist Democrat said, but "if you lose Massachusetts and that's not a wake-up call, there's no hope of waking up."

And then Nancy Pelosi had to go off and illustrate his point for him:
Pelosi insisted Tuesday that "whatever happens in Massachusetts, we will pass quality, affordable health care for all Americans and it will be soon."

Uh-huh. We'll see how that works out, won't we?