Saturday, January 16, 2010

This card is getting worn out...

...if, that is, it isn't already:

Some of the clergy at the Immigration Reform Convocation on Monday voiced the concern that the immigration issue was a potential “powder keg,” particularly in middle-class Republican congregations....
...the one word that was hardly mentioned, if at all, the elephant in the room, is the word “race.” Racism, in my opinion, is at the root of immigration fears, just as it is the basis for the fear of Middle Eastern citizens and immigrants.
The Rev. Arthur Preisinger, Houston

Yep, it's all about hatin' on the brown people. It could never be about upholding our laws and our national sovereignty, it could never be about national security in the case of beefing up border security, it could never be about trying to maintain a cohesive culture so as to avoid the tribal wars that have engulfed certain parts of Europe and the Middle East to the point that the term "balkinization" has become synonymous with such. Newp. It's BECAUSE OF TEH RACISM! Sweet bleedin' Barnabus. I would suggest a drinking game based on the utterances of race-baiting clergymen vis-a-vis the immigration issue when it comes up, but I bet it'd end up being a lethal one based on the frequency of such inane blather.