Sunday, December 14, 2008

You'd think he'd have done some sort of research...

or, yet another case of an assclown with a keyboard using the First Amendment to shit all over the Second:

Concealed guns are coming back to your national parks and wildlife refuges, ending an absence that dates to the Reagan era.

This is so park visitors can protect themselves from the hordes of marauding muggers who have never turned up in the parks but -- who knows? -- could any day, couldn't they?

Marauding muggers who have never turned up in the parks? Tom Teepen said it, I believe it, that settles it. I'm sure the family of Meredith Emerson will be ecstatic to find out that their loved one's death was apparently some sort of elaborate ruse involving Ms. Emerson, the media, Georgia authorities, and of course Gary Michael Hilton, the one involved in Ms. Emerson's supposed death — and who knows who else played a part in this? And what about the body? Who the hell provided THAT? No doubt the happiness of Emerson's loved ones will only be exceeded when they see her smiling face and hear her voice again. I wonder how much longer they'll have to wait.
(for the sarcasm-impaired, the preceding post was completely tongue-in-cheek)