Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who wouldn't throw a party?

Jonah Goldberg, in this morning's Chronicle:

The folks at the Chicago Tribune are Christmas Pony Happy because Blago tried to strong-arm Trib ownership to fire members of the editorial board. Instead, Trib editors will get to have a big tailgate party outside Blago's cell window.
Newspaper people love that sort of thing.

Can you really blame them, though? As bad as I think the typical big-city journalist mentality is for the Founders' Republic, as detestable as the Fourth Estate has become, the fact is that many folks have fought and died to protect the right to criticize one's elected officials without fear of the exact type of reprisal Rod Blagojevich wanted to exact from the Chicago Tribune. Of course, I for one am not surprised in the least. The same thing that was said of Barack Obama can and should be said of Rod Blagojevich: He has no respect for the Second Amendment, what makes anyone think he'd have any kind of respect for the First? In any event, though, it's gonna be fun to see how much dirt Obama got on himself, being an alumnus of the Chi-town political system and all. Somehow I can't help but think that if you get that far up, you WILL end up with at least a small taint of corruption...