Thursday, December 04, 2008

Real hard-hitting stuff there, Liz...

Yep, that's the American media, keeping up pressure on our anointed elected officials...

CHICAGO — Barack Obama appears to be enjoying his last few weeks of pondering the nation's problems without being held accountable for them.
On Wednesday, he looked like a man with a load off his shoulders.
In introducing Richardson, he indulged in jokes and smiles that were absent from his earlier news conferences. He pretended to doubt his own statement, interjecting, "I've got to check that statistic!" after saying Richardson once set a campaign record by shaking nearly 14,000 hands in eight hours.
He teased one reporter, saying: "I was not going to call on you again," and then uncharacteristically added a personal touch when he invited the first question.
"Let's start with Julianna Goldman from Bloomberg, who was one of the originals, by the way. She was there every step of the way during this campaign," Obama said.
That morning, he emerged from his downtown Philadelphia hotel and bypassed the open door of his heavily secured vehicle. With a broad grin, he crossed the street to a Quaker school where children chanted his name and eagerly shook his hand.
Later, Obama boarded his Chicago-bound plane and ventured back to the press section for the first time since he was elected. Such visits were a fading memory, although in May he had led his staff in a spirited round of the word game "Taboo," defeating the reporters and photographers.

(Pssst! got somethin' on the corner of your mouth there, ma'am...)
Just think. Newspapers (and by extension, their subscribers and advertisers) pay good money for that level of reporting when they could get it (and better) on the blogs for free. If I was a newspaper publisher I'd be having a serious case of buyer's remorse.