Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Karma, maybe?

I don't know, but when I saw this, from Pravda-on-Hudson re: President Bush's EO allowing carry in national parks...

“Anticipating what Barack Obama has called “common-sense gun safety laws,” the Bush administration has rushed through a last-minute gun rule that is the antithesis of common sense.”

and then this (h/t The Liberty Sphere)...
The New York Times is considering potential asset sales and is in discussions with lenders as it prepares for one of the “most challenging years” in its history.

Advertising revenue fell sharply at the paper in November, dragged down by weaker spending in the entertainment, property and automotive advertising categories.

and finally, this...
Media conglomerate Tribune Co., smothered by $13 billion in debt and a drop-off in advertising, on Monday became the first major newspaper publisher to seek bankruptcy protection since the Internet sent the industry into a tailspin.
Most of the company's debt comes from the complex transaction in which the company was taken private, with employee ownership, by real estate mogul Sam Zell last year. Although Tribune's next major debt payment isn't due until June, the company has been in danger of missing financial targets set by its lenders.

Other newspaper companies have also struggled with their debts, but many have negotiated with lenders to ease their targets in exchange for higher interest rates.

"Tribune's debt was so outsized and so disproportional to its cash flow compared to these other companies that it can be the sore thumb sticking out rather than an example of the industry," said Ken Doctor, media analyst with Outsell Inc.

The Tribune owns the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise, as well as the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Sun of Baltimore, The Hartford (Conn.) Courant, six other daily newspapers and 23 television stations.

...I thought, well now, that couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch of assholes. With — just for a few examples — the stories we got just this campaign season alone on Barack Obama, the sliming of Joe the Plumber and the above-mentioned media outlets' constant use of their own First Amendment rights to crap all over the Second Amendment, I'd say it's about time they got some sort of comeuppance, even if it might have been mostly unrelated to the vomit they've been printing. One might argue that it could be related, for the revenues could have been declining due to spiraling circulation numbers due to the public's dissatisfaction with the "quality" of "news" in said outlets. Whatever the case may be, honestly I don't even have the slightest bit of sympathy for any of them.