Monday, August 23, 2010

Way to support Texas music there, folks...

You might already know this, but I am an inveterate channel-surfer, even with the satellite radio. I left my iPod at home yesterday when I went to work and left the satellite radio at home with my wife, so I was left with terrestrial radio. So last night when I was driving home, I came upon Y100 playing Texas music just after 11. I remember hearing the Randy Rogers Band, Pat Green and Roger Creager. Good stuff, right? So I'm thinking, "Well, at least they play some Texas music, even if it is when everybody's asleep." Then I heard the deejay talking about the show...which he said was from 11 to 12 every Sunday night. Wow. One whole hour every week. Way to support the Texas-red dirt scene there, guys.

As if that wasn't bad enough...apparently the program director or whoever programs the music for that show considers 1990s NASHVILLE also-rans Little Texas to be worthy of inclusion on it. You'd think they could and would do better to promote Texas-red dirt music here. I guess they think the Texas music would scare off the tourists, so they play it when the tourists are sleeping off their buzzes. Pardonnez mon francais, but that's just fucking pathetic. (Yeah, Scott, I know I shouldn't expect any better, but I still do...)