Thursday, August 12, 2010

Does Cal Thomas want to stone gay people?

...or, anti-gay marriage argument FAIL, from a corner that's not so surprising:

The decision by a single, openly gay federal judge to strike down the will of 7 million judicial vigilantism equal to Roe vs. Wade.
One wonders what Cal Thomas would have been saying had the judge struck down a handgun ban endorsed by those same 7 million Californians. This is why I don't really consider myself a conservative or Republican so much anymore; just like the liberals and the Democrats too, they'll only stand up for the civil rights they agree with and make bullshit arguments like "x number of people voted for this!" I see Cal Thomas says Muslims are right about what's wrong with Americans. One wonders if he would endorse the same fate for gays that the Muslim fanatics do. After all, Thomas seems to imply that gay people are an abomination before God -- an opinion shared, no doubt, by those Muslim fanatics Thomas says are on to something when they opine about what's wrong with America. I'd like to think Cal Thomas doesn't want to stone, shoot, hang or behead gays, but it almost sounds like he really wouldn't have any problem with that...