Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DO WANT, but don't have. Yet.

I was Googling this morning and came upon this. I don't have it yet -- the self-titled EP is the only one of the classic albums from Queensryche that I don't have yet but WANT, but more so now.

Why? Because the remastered & reissued version of it has the Live In Tokyo VHS on it, in its entirety. For some reason I was thinking that Live In Tokyo recording had just live versions of the songs on the self-titled EP. But looking at the track listing I see "Deliverance" on here -- one of my favorite, FAVORITE songs from The Warning, which in turn is my favorite of the classic Queensryche albums. It will be mine, oh yes...it will be mine.

Speaking of The Warning, Albatross, what was your take on that album? Not to detract from the greatness of Mindcrime, but IMO The Warning was the album that showed Queensryche at the top of its game as a prog-metal band...