Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Somehow this does not surprise me.

An unnamed Facebook friend spoke of discussing the meaning of being a Christian and a constitutionalist. His comment to someone else's comment on his status:

Other participants complained that the social conservatives were casting aspersions upon their Christianity.
I'd almost be surprised if such didn't happen. It has always struck me that social cons cast aspersions, directly and indirectly, on everyone who doesn't think as they do. It'd be bad enough if that was as far as it went, but then now and then they have to go off and put everyone else's rights in danger just so, for example, gay people can't get married. I am sure the folks who'd want to write a new constitution do comprise a distinct minority, but I wouldn't be surprised if more social conservatives didn't have a problem with at least trying the amendment route before they'd support writing a new constitution.