Sunday, August 01, 2010

Does this make sense to anyone else?

...or, Leonard Pitts once again does not get it:

Blogger Andrew Breitbart was so desperate to push a narrative of the NAACP as a hotbed of anti-white bias that he posted an excerpt of Sherrod's speech to that organization as “proof” she was a racist without caring if she was.

 Were the NAACP and Shirley Sherrod one and the same? I didn't think they were, and from what I understand the video showed the NAACP members clapping when she said what she did. That seems to be the thing in that whole affair that is completely overlooked. Funny how he mentions Palin's feeding the narrative about her but doesn't say a word about the racism that WAS on display during that speech. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but once again, it was still quite disgusting.