Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That'd do a LOT of people good.


Also, if you've grown up never doing any hard work, don't expect to excel at it right away (or maybe ever) when you're an (alleged) "adult." Everyone should spend at least a couple of summers hauling hay or watermelons or something so you know what you're getting into.
Yes, indeed. I did that for about three summers in junior high school. Never threw it on the trailer, but I did drive the truck pulling the trailer -- and I also cut, raked and baled the hay. And I didn't do those last three on a tractor with an air-conditioned cab, either; but for the small top over the tractor's rollbar, I was fully exposed to the summer heat. I thought it was a blast because I got to drive, but it was hot and dusty as hell. It'll damn sure make you appreciate hard work -- and that office job you get if you're lucky later.