Sunday, August 22, 2010

Man, this says it all, doesn't it?

Commenter Mongol, in the comments to this post:

If someone trys to panhandle me for "Food Money", I like to offer them $1 for every pack of cigarettes on them and $3 for their MP3 player.  I figure that if they are truely hungry, they will jump at the chance.  I plan on letting them keep their stuff if they agree to the deal, but I haven't had anybody say yes yet.
Dude, that is brilliant! I had never thought of that, though I'm sure if you raised the asking price for the smokes there might be more takers. Many times when I go to the store I look to see how much a pack of smokes costs and I am just amazed -- and quite glad that I do not smoke. There's no way I could drop $20 a day on a cigarette habit. I am also not surprised there have been no takers, considering the fact that the panhandlers obviously have their spending priorities messed up; for the price of a pack of cigs, you could buy yourself a pretty fair meal at pretty much any fast-food restaurant in the land.