Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not that this was news...

but Roy Bragg doesn't get it any more than Scott Stroud does:

Fueled by ideology and bereft of life's excess baggage, i.e. feelings such as "compassion" and "loyalty," you'll jettison anyone who isn't a True Believer.

John McCain? Another war hero and another longtime Republican, but he wasn't conservative enough in 2008, so he's under the bus.
Pretty funny that he'd bring up John McCain here, since McCain has been throwing conservatives and Republicans under the bus at every opportunity since he became a senator -- even his own running mate in last year's election. He might not have savaged Palin himself, but you know that if he'd had a shred of honor in him, he'd have gone on the warpath to stick up for her as opposed to letting her twist in the wind as his aides slimed her. As for him being a war hero -- yeah, so? John Murtha was a war hero and he was a scumbag, too.