Monday, March 08, 2010

Doesn't matter if they take the captions off...

...because the comments here reveal Brady supporters to be bigoted and detached from reality almost as much as the offensive captions did:

Sent them back to 1791!
Armed = Dangerous
Seriously? The guy with the bullet covered gun belt is clearly trying to compensate for being a complete loser in high school.
Armed = Dangerous? Only if you're a criminal. I got a kick out of the comment about "Almost any criminal (being able to) disarm one of these guys in about a half of a second." I am reminded of an increasingly common retort to that: "Well, I'll just take my gun back from him!" Yes, it's tongue in cheek, but the old "the criminal will just take your gun and shoot you with it" was long ago disproven just like all the rest of their arguments. Yet they bitterly cling to every last one of them...